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Upgrades & Repair

Upgrades & Repair

WNY, Buffalo computer help and PC repair is here. Enjoy the satisfaction enjoyed by many others just like you who have had their computers brought to speed. Buffalo Cyber Empowerment is here for you.

Yes, we make house calls. There is a $30 service charge for in house repair calls. Our computer repair rate is $15/hour.

Setup / Install

Home computers or multi node networks Cyber Empowerment Inc. will setup and install your computer for you. Contact Us for details.


PCs will run increasingly slower as they are utilized, Cyber Empowerment Computer Tune-Up will bring you up to speed; by removing unnecessary files which are draining your systems resources. Amongst many things, you will also be empowered with short cuts to protect your PC. Contact Us for details.

Data Deletion / Elimination

Guarantee your information will not be retrieved by anyone ever. Cyber Empowerment Inc. will render all your business secretes, privet e-mails, etc. inaccessible. Contact Us for details.

Repair / Refurbishment

A Cyber Empowerment Technician will assess the state of your computer and generate recommendations, informing you as to what your options are. Contact Us for details.


A Cyber Empowered Machine can be yours. Starting with a bare bones system, we beef it up our specifications, together we load only the necessary software; you have a fast, powerful computer with a logical dynamic structure. Cyber Empowered Machines have a greater longevity by design. Contact Us for details.