Cyber Empowerment



Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way to improve and update an existing site?

Yes. With website upgrades Cyber Empowerment can transform an existing web site into an interactive productive Internet presence. We will assess the current site and consult with you to develop an Internet identity that best reflects your organization.

How can I make changes to my site?

Cyber Empowerment Web Site Content Management offers the ability to update the content of your web pages via a secure interface. You can add, edit or delete content on your website on the fly, as you see fit; with no need to know or understand any computer programming languages.

How long will it take for my website to be up and running?

Cyber Empowerment generally has customers up and running in a week of the accounts activation. This can vary depending upon the extent of a site, and the time needed for the client to provide the necessary content. An accurate time frame will be provided by your account executive.

Where can I address my billing questions?

You may send your questions to Cyber Empowerment by CLICKING HERE. Be sure to leave clear and concise contact information so we can respond to you quickly.