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About Us

About Us

Mission Statement/Vision

Cyber Empowerment began as an IT department for rent; in other words, a collective of free lance geeks. Cyber Empowerment evolved in to an e-business communication services corporation. Founded by and comprised of IT & Design professionals; that is to say creative green collar geeks.

Cyber Empowerment is independent and decentralized by design, allowing for the best services at a prudent price. Because of this we can address issues important to us for example: Yes we offer safe/green disposal of hardware, but also collectively we make a point to use recycled paper and office products and additionally we at Cyber Empowerment have made donations to earth friendly charities on behalf of our clients and as we grow with new clients we will continue to do so. Many people just like you have visited this site and they are now our clients. We regularly host a dinner where our new clients can speak with long-standing clients offering the opportunity to openly discuss all the positive aspects available. We hope to see you at one of these dinners very soon.

Here at Cyber Empowerment we treat each customer as if they're our only customer, lending a personalized feel to tomorrow's technologies. This affords the client all of the advantages of an Information Technology department without the cost of the servers, hardware and full-time staff. We accomplish this by tailoring our services to each client's needs and enabling the client to access and manipulate their data, as they feel necessary.

Our online creations are developed through a close conglomeration between designer and programmer based upon client direction. This collaboration gives the ability to retain the smooth aesthetic appeal of the designer with the dynamic interactivity from the programmer, with a logical and concise navigation.

If for any reason you would like to research and compare us to our competitors, simply let us know and will happily e-mail you links to local large corporate houses not affiliated with us in any way.

Cyber Empowerment has enabled many business entities to profit from our strategic e-commerce solutions. Contact Us and allow our communication services to empower you.